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I recently purchased to house from Ben Thompson, Born Again Properties, Inc. I just wanted to say how pleased I am with my new purchase. Ben was very honest. Any questions that I had about the property he answered to the best of his knowledge. Ben does things the right way and not the cheap way...
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What is a Land Sale Contract?
A land sale contract is an alternative way to buy and sell real estate. In most cases, a land sale contract is used when there is an agreement between two parties and the services of a third party lender, such as a bank, are not required.

A land sale contract is also known as an installment sale agreement or a contract for deed. In this type of purchasing arrangement, the seller agrees to finance the purchase of the home or property while retaining rights to the title of the property until the contract is paid in full. This has certain benefits, including making it possible to seller finance a home even if the seller still owes on a mortgage.

Benefits for the Buyer
For the buyer, the main benefit is the flexibility to work out a deal without a huge down payment and without bank financing. In many cases, closing costs can be minimized as well.

If the buyer has poor credit, or simply wants more control over the negotiation of the deal, then a land contract may be worth considering. This also allows the home owner to provide financing, which can be beneficial to the buyer.

Benefits for the Seller
The main benefit for the seller is the ability to sell the house right away by providing financing, but not having to pay the lump sum owed on the mortgage. This works especially well if the seller has enough money to get into a new home and does not need the full profits right away. Instead, the seller will receive the steady income of monthly profits until the home is paid off.

Born Again Properties, Inc. and Land Sale Contracts
Born Again Properties can help you sell your house with a land contract and provides land contract sales as one of our options for you to consider when purchasing a home.